Best Places For Fine Line Tattoo & Worst Body Spots

This article explores the growing popularity of fine line tattoos, highlighting their elegance and precision in the realm of body art. Fine line tattoos have become a favored choice for individuals seeking to express their personal style and creativity. The article offers insights into the ideal and less favorable placements for these tattoos, providing readers with guidance on how to make the most of their fine line tattoo. Read more

Exploring Various Types of Lip Tattoo Techniques

The article delves into the allure of perfectly colored lips and introduces the concept of semi-permanent lip tattoos. It highlights the desire many people have for beautifully shaded lips that enhance their appearance on both casual and celebratory occasions. The idea of waking up with ideal lip color without the need for daily makeup application is presented as an appealing fantasy. Read more

Rediscover Authentic Beauty: The Benefits of Semi-Permanent Makeup

woman semi permanent makeup
In a world of ever-changing beauty trends, semi-permanent makeup emerges as a beacon of timeless allure. Jane Rush, a seasoned expert in the field, offers a revolutionary approach rooted in authenticity. Say goodbye to hours of daily cosmetics and hello to lasting, genuine beauty. Explore Nova You Studio's signature procedures, from bespoke eyebrows to lip perfection and definitive eyeliners, all tailored to enhance your unique persona. Embrace the enduring charm of semi-permanent makeup and ... Read more

10 Secrets for Eyeliner Tattoo Aftercare and Healing

Eye cosmetic procedures, like the one for defining the eyes, have revolutionized the beauty realm. They offer convenience and that fresh 'awake' look. But to ensure longevity and proper healing, attentive aftercare is crucial. If you're pondering, “How do I maintain the beauty of my fresh eye enhancement?”, this guide will enlighten you on mastering the aftercare of your permanent eyeliner. Read more

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Techniques

Permanent Eyebrow
Are you wondering which technique for eyebrow tattooing is best for you? Here in the article, we'll come across all trendy techniques and point out their pros and cons Read more

How to choose a semipermanent makeup master?

Choosing a cosmetic tattoo artist is compared to choosing a doctor. After all tattooing of eyelids, eyebrows and lips is a highly delicate job associated with skin penetration. When a specialist does stuff correctly, a perfect outcome is guaranteed. The tattoo emphasizes the natural beauty, helps save time on daily makeup and significantly increases self-esteem. Afterwards there will be no health problems or feeling unwell. But how to find a semipermanent makeup master, that after you won’t h... Read more

Why We Don’t Recommend Microblading!

Lately Perth and the world has been going through the boom of Eyebrow Microblading also know as Feather Touch or Feathered Brows. It is constantly advertised as the “most natural, modern and innovative procedure” for a glamorous facial and confidence boost. You will often hear that the procedure is painless, does not cause any trauma, that the pigment fades after 8-12 months... This is all just marketing! Read more