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Powder Brows Or Feather Touch?

An Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo is a memorable decision and especially when it comes to choosing a technique! At Nova You Beauty Studio our Master Jane does the Powder Brow method of tattooing that is a modern and safe method that you'll fall in love with when it comes to the result. We DO NOT recommend nor do Feather Touch (Microblading), you can read more about why by visiting our informative News Post - Trust us it is WORTH IT!

Getting A Cosmetic Tattoo - Is It Painful?

Our Master Jane has achieved a Light Touch technique that does not cause immense trauma to your skin making the process painless. Additionally we use a modern high standard anesthetic that you get via a special form, which makes the already painless procedure completely painless. It is so painless that some of our clients even fall asleep from feeling so relaxed during the procedure. Just read our Google Reviews!

How Long Does Semipermanent Makeup Last?

Each Cosmetic Tattoo lasts a different amount of time! An eyebrow cosmetic tattoo lasts from 2 to 3 years, lip blush from 3 to 5 years, while eyeliner can last from 3 to 5+ years depending on several factors such as your age, lifestyle, immune system, overall organism and etc.

Will The Cosmetic Tattoo Become Blue, Red or Purple?

We work with only certified vegan based pigments and pigment mixture, that do not change their shade over time and only become lighter until it fades away completely.

What Is The Healing Time?

The initial recovery for the healing of the skin is roughly between 10 - 14 days (on average 7 days). A full recovery occurs between 6 - 8 weeks, this is why a touch up procedure is required during this time frame to provide a more defined result.

What If I Get An Undesired Eyebrow Form?

That's not possible! As at Nova You Beauty Studio our Master Jane works with a specified system, thanks to which you will get a 100% desired result and are protected from unwanted ones. During the procedure before any tattooing takes place Jane will do a brow mapping session continuously, until only when you are 100% satisfied with the form and the shade choice will the tattooing procedure commence.

Difference Between Cosmetic Tattoo, A Tattoo and Semipermanent Makeup?

A Cosmetic Tattoo and Semipermanent Makeup - is one and the same. However it should not be mixed up with a tattoo that you get on your body. During cosmetic tattooing the pigment is tattooed onto the upper layers of the skin, which after 2 to 3 years fades and leaves no trace behind. While during a body tattoo the pigment is injected much deeper lasting for a lifetime.


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