Eyebrow Tattoo Makeup Benefits and Answering Common Questions

  • Suit all skin types and ages.
  • Provide a natural and gentle looking result.
  • Effects last up to three years.
  • Fantastic for individuals whose eyebrows tend to be fare or fade quickly in the sun.
  • We help you choose the suitable brow shape and shade to mask any aesthetic flaws.
  • Unlike microblading, it doesn’t leave scars or cause pigment migration.

Jane’s clients that come across her after searching for cheap eyebrow tattoos service, always say that she’s a trusted professional and provides a painless permanent cosmetic procedure. While utilizing a range of developed tattoo brow methods, she is able to improve your eyebrows to match your overall aesthetic look.

No matter your needs we can visually increase volume, correct some minor asymmetry or issues, or add the perfect shade, we don’t stop until you are 100% satisfied with your eyebrow tattoo and you can then just relax and allow Jane to complete the pigment application process using a special machine.  You will feel a slight vibration on the forehead, but it doesn’t hurt. The session will be roughly two hours in total.

Let us define the shape, pick out the ideal colour for the brows and reach a result that’ll complement your skin tone, while matching the shape of your face. Send us a message or call 0450482266 to make a booking or a free consultation to get yourself the perfect brows in Perth.

Proper Aftercare

Throughout the first week avoid wetting the brows or contact with cleaning gels, or facial products during bathing. To stimulate quicker skin rejuvenation apply the aftercare cream that was provided to you. The master will give detailed instructions for caring after the eyebrow tattoo so the result will last you for a couple years.

Upon 8 weeks since initial procedure it’s advised to do an additional visit to the studio for a touch up of your eyebrows. The healing process of some regions may retain the pigment less than others, creating small patchy regions. To resolve this a singular correction of color is required!

Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Technique?

When it comes to your face, and facial skin type, natural beauty and the overall aesthetic, the importance of the eyebrow means of tattooing used becomes a make it or live with it result. We know that with makeup perfection is key and it can not be even more true with permanent makeup, so let’s discuss the options of cosmetic tattooing and which one meets your ideal expectations.

The first option is feather touch also known as microblading, this cosmetic tattoo technique dates back to ancient times and even now many individuals fall for its fake beauty. Just because it has been rebranded with a new name as feather touch, does not make this procedure any safer or best for your skin type or ideal for your face.

After the procedure and as the brow healing begins, it is important to note that the pigment was applied to the face via a blade and the cuts were made at a depth which can not be regulated. Hence, why once the feather touch goes through the healing cycle it no longer has the natural beauty of the freshly done tattoo is gone, the delicate eyebrow hair like strokes start to saturate and migrate, and all you are left with is a cosmetic tattooing result that you wished to never have gotten and a permanent makeup requiring removal.

Furthermore, that’s not all in terms of feather touch, there is also the risk of scarring of the skin in the brow region and in turn can lead to loss of eyebrow hair. At eyebrow tattoo studio Nova You we have met many clients from all over Perth that had feather touch tattooing done and each time we saw eyebrows that don’t match their face, skin type and nothing close to natural looking beauty aesthetically that they wanted to achieve.

Instead of an outdated procedure, what we provide with our cosmetic tattoo service is powder brow tattooing, it is an in demand procedure that took the permanent makeup industry in Perth and the world by storm. Providing your face with eyebrows that match all skin types, give you the natural beauty you deserve, all this time being one of the methods of eyebrow tattooing that does not cause any issues. So when it comes to choosing the perfect procedure for eyebrows as a tattoo, the ideal tailored choice that will meet all required expectations is most definitely the brow cosmetic tattoo done by Jane at beauty salon Nova You!

Does a Powder Brow Style Cosmetic Tattoo Hurt or Is It Painless?

A very common inquiry we are asked and is not uncommon when it comes to permanent makeup and before commencement of cosmetic tattooing. You’d expect to hear “real beauty demands sacrifice”, it is not the case with eyebrow tattooing!

Over the years of providing ladies of Perth with the best cosmetic service, Jane has developed a light touch technique allowing for a painless eyebrow tattoo. A natural looking cosmetic tattoo no longer has to be painful and by reading our feedback you can rest assured that the only thing you will feel on your skin is the light vibration of the tattooing machine.

All while feeling relaxed and knowing that your face is in the professional, certified and experienced hands of a Perth beauty master whose result will astonish you and create your dream cosmetic tattoo.