Advantages Of Tattooed Eyes

Firstly, understand that – there are countless variations of pigment application. You’re able to fill the space between the lashes, create a line along the eyelid, choose an almost imperceptible streak, or in the «Cleopatra» style. Select a definitive suitable eye tattoo design with the Master and simplify life for several years ahead!

Semipermanent makeup at our studio has several following benefits:

  • thanks to the light hand of our specialist, the procedure is done with no pain and barely any discomfort;
  • Quality results are guaranteed the first time;
  • Suitable for women allergic to cosmetics;
  • The master selects an individual shape of the streak, emphasising the look and color of the eyes;
  • Save future money on cosmetics;
  • Mask small wrinkles, etc.

Main positive outcome of tattooed eyes is being reassured of personal attractiveness throughout the day and night. Visit the pool, swim in the ocean or do physical exercises without worries, as the eyeliner won’t smudge or run.

To assist our beloved clients with a mesmirising portrait, our studio is providing a promotion: booking an eyebrow and eyeliner tattoo together costs nearly as much as semipermanent eyebrow makeup separately. For both, just pay only $950 instead of $1150!

Such cost has another plus: a completely finalized self image. During the stage of mapping session confirmation you can see how the streak combines and matches the brow form, and the master’s assistance provides their ideal combination.

How Tattooing Of Eyes Is Done

Before scheduled appointment it’s important to avoid consumption of alcohol and crucial to notify the master if during the past 24 hours you’ve used blood thinning medication, including painkillers. Due to skin around the eyelids being sensitive, before tattooing an anesthetic is applied for a painless service and minimises discomfort. It’s normal afterwards to only feel a slight vibration similar to an electric toothbrush.

Eye tattooing is provided via a specilised machine, equipped with micro nano needles. The penetration is minimal, almost superficial during the pigment application. The color can be of your choice however the favorite among women is – black, sometimes a darker brown or bluish is prefered.

What To Expect After An Eye Tattoo Procedure

Before healing the richness of color to be more prominent than expected, however after a week it settles. Recommendations for detailed aftercare are provided by the master upon completion of the procedure. To get an ideal result it is best to attend the correction of the tattoo on the eyes after two months. Assuring you of all regions being thoroughly colored.