A Fine Line Style Tattoo Is Elegant Minimalism

A fine line tattoo is a modern trend focusing plus borders on combination of graphics and realism. The emphasis primary aim is towards realistic results. The pictures get done with thin elegant and graceful strokes, producing mesmerizing and natural effects, assisting the creation of any drawing with better ease. Nova You Beauty Studio provides the service in a black shade ink, resulting in a maximized beautiful expressiveness.

Minimalism For The Decoration Of Yourself

Thin lines don’t require unnecessary details or distracting rich colors. Despite this the design is displayed gently, are rather complex and possible with a few small dots and strokes. The entire process depends solely on client’s expressive imagination and tattooists approved design. No limits or restrictions regarding size exist. It can be large or small, rather simple or quiet complex, made in one color along the contour. Small tattoos for example in the form of two or three dots with short lines are called micro. At times, they’re created with dark gray saturated colors that’s rather minimalist but very effective.

Popular Tattooed Image Types

Fans of body art book from our master at Nova You Beauty Studio a design focused around:
  • Botany
  • Animal World
  • Astrology
A popular choice is abstract art. Women prefer to go with something gentle and floral, usual placement of the Tattoo on shoulder or forearm providing a gentle, light and minimalist look. It’s attractive, noticeable and stands out compared to other styles despite that it’s simple.

Length Of The Procedure

Clients that decide to decorate themselves with a fine line tattoo usually are interested in how long does a session last, you might think that it should be much faster than a standard one that are large and detailed with a vast variety of colors. Generally as a rule it takes up to 40 – 60 minutes to carry out the service of a small design, a micro one by our experienced master can be 30 minutes+, and larger work a couple of hours. The procedure itself is almost painless, for those clients who are more sensitive an anesthetic cream reliefs any discomfort.

Longevity Of Delicate Fine Line Tattoos

Lovers of classic tattoos seem to believe that a work in this style quickly fade and that eventually won’t be visible. It’s an opinion that is incorrect, especially when you consider that even the most filled, complex color, detailed ones becomes faded over time due to the exposure to ultraviolet rays. Furthermore, the longevity heavily depends on its location on the individual. Certain tattoos can completely disappear in about 10 years if they are done on fingers, feet, palms, knees and elbows. All while forearm, thigh, chest and back are zones where it is capable of being around forever. Fine Line Tattoos are a minimalist decoration that attracts the admiring glance of others!