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Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo Perth

Eyeliner Tattooing in Perth

Tired of wasting valuable time every morning on eyeliner and tormenting yourself trying to achieve identical lines? Quality semi permanent makeup resolves this problem making it disappear for several years! Thankfully, with eyeliner cosmetic tattoo you'll always have perfectly done eyes and confidence in your own attractiveness.

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Advantages of Semi Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo

Eyeliner cosmetic tattoo gives a more expressive look, the colour of the irises — becomes intensive. Choose both a classic eyeliner tattoo of pigment applied between the spaces of the eyelashes or more spectacular unique options. You also can choose top or bottom permanent eyeliner or both lids: thin or thick lines. Crucial advantage of lashliner — its suitability for everyone, all that’s required is the important decision on the ideal style. Furthermore, getting eye makeup has following benefits:

  • Lashes look fuller.
  • Saving a vast amount of time and nerves.
  • Not spending money on cosmetics or makeup removers.
  • Cover up imperfections.
  • No smudging or smearing.
  • Suitable for those with allergies to cosmetics.
  • Perfect for constant wearers of lenses.

Creation of a mesmerising image is done by visiting our beauty studio for an eyebrow and eyeliner tattoo. While scheduling them simultaneously the combined cost is more cheaper! After a visit and subsequent touch up for colour correction, you’ll forget for a couple of years the need of waking up early to do your makeup, being late to events or the stress of smudging or smearing.


How A Permanent Makeup Eyeliner Tattoo Is Done

Any procedure at our studio commences with a consultation. You’ll discuss your preferred streak, after the master carries out a mapping with a pencil and does adjustments as required. Adjusting the form and thickness, until you’re satisfied with the design.

The pigment application starts with utilisation of a special tattoo-machine, the use of specialised equipment and professionalism of our master provides a maximised high quality result. For higher skin sensitivity where the pigment is applied we’ll use an anaesthetic gel and ointment.

Please notify the master if in the past 24 hours you’ve taken painkillers or blood thinning medication. It’s important that before the tattooing of eyes you don’t consume any alcohol 24–48 hours prior. If personal pain sensitivity levels are lower ensure to book several days after and not before or during menstrual cycle — to allow the procedure to be less discomforting.


Proper Aftercare Of Eyeliner Tattoo

Entire process of semipermanent eyeliner tattoo takes over 2 hours. Afterwards there might be small redness and swelling, it will come down in a few hours or not occur at all.

Until the area heals, refrain from wearing makeup. During the first day avoid wetting the treated regions, maximum care — to be done with help of special preparations, the master will inform you about.

Keep in mind the initial result may seem as very dark, the colour you expected comes through once healed. Through the healing process parts of pigment occasionally don’t take as well as others, it’s the reason why we recommend the colour correction in 6–8 weeks after the initial procedure. Learn more about peculiarities of eyeliner tattoo after care and healing process in our blog.

How Much Does Eyeliner Tattoo Cost?

Discover our beauty salon Nova You, where quality meets affordability. With certified artist Jane and cheap prices, you can enhance your look with permanent eyeliner starting from just $450. Experience the expertise and value that sets us apart. Book now for stunning results at an incredible price.

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    Had my eyeliner done. Now in the healing process. Was very nervous initially but Jane definitely put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. Very happy with the result and would highly recommend Jane!
    Absolutely love my eyeliner tattoo I would never look back! After being addicted to lash extensions for years Jane has given me the confidence to let them go and had teeth whitening! So worth it I’m so glad I chose Jane at nova beauty! 😍
    Had my eyebrows and eyeliners tattooed. Jane is such a professional. She was very assuring, detailed and at the same time, so gentle that I slept through my eyeliner tattoo procedure. 🤭 I'm really happy with her work and the fact that she takes the time and effort to ensure her work has perfect outcomes. Thank you Jane. I look forward to seeing you soon.
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