How to choose a semipermanent makeup master?

Choosing a cosmetic tattoo artist is compared to choosing a doctor. After all tattooing of eyelids, eyebrows and lips is a highly delicate job associated with skin penetration. When a specialist does stuff correctly, a perfect outcome is guaranteed. The tattoo emphasizes the natural beauty, helps save time on daily makeup and significantly increases self-esteem. Afterwards there will be no health problems or feeling unwell. But how to find a semipermanent makeup master, that after you won’t have to ask yourself the painful question: “What did I do with my face?”

Reviews and Word Of Mouth

As strange as it might be, a recommendation from a friend reassures you a lot better. Information gives an overall representation about the procedure, results and process. Furthermore you shouldn’t be lazy and read the reviews on the internet. Often they’re informative and detail everything regarding the nuances, positive or negative consequences.

Quantity Of Work In A Portfolio

A factor is the presence of a portfolio is a clear confirmation regarding the level of result a specialist provides. Usually you’re able to view a gallery of done work:
  • Social Media Networks
  • Personal Business Website
  • Photo Album At The Beauty Studio

Work Experience

One crucial point to consider when choosing a master is their qualification. Although proper training, years of experience isn’t always a reliable indicator of a high quality services being offered. During in person consultations, it’s crucial to inquire:
  • Are they certified.
  • Is their premises licensed.
  • Is there pain
  • How often they learn or get new certifications.
Please note that experience can be calculated in years. Yet, some only perform 5-6 cosmetic tattoos a year. Meanwhile an experienced specialist who can and must be trusted should do semipermanent makeup on a daily basis and constantly improve personal level of skills by attending specialised courses and seminars.

Beauty Studio and Equipment

No matter how perfect a result could be, if the beauty studio in which the service is carried out is in a poor state – it’s urgent to think about why? What’s most important is the following of all hygienic and sterile laws and regulations! The utilized location must be absolutely clean! To avoid complications or the need for forced treatments after a procedure due to non-sterile conditions. The cosmetic tattoo artist must also:
  • Put on sterile disposable gloves before commencing procedure
  • Thoroughly sterilize all equipment and instruments
  • Have their workplace and area cleaned between each client
  • Use disposable sheets, napkins and other consumable materials

Price Of Beauty Procedures

A big reason when you should be wary is a suspiciously lowered price. The cost depends on several key factors. An example, the popularity of the service in your city, experience of the specialist, quality they provide, what pigments and materials are being used. A price that is unreasonably low is a direct indication and evidence of inexperience, lack of training and education, use of low quality materials and equipment, not to mention the results will definitely require removal!

Several Factors To Start Looking For A Different Professional

So, When should you not use services of a master? There are several reasons for this:
  • Bad Reviews
  • Suspiciously Low Prices
  • Lack of Nationally Recognized Certifications
  • Unlicensed, Unhygienic and Unclean Workplace
  • Use of Outdated Tattooing Methods
  • Low Quality Equipment and Materials
  • Rushed Work and Results Requiring Laser Removal
Furthermore you should avoid the service, if the beautician specializes only in body art. In order to produce high quality cosmetic tattoos of lips, eyebrows and eyeliner, you require the necessary training, proper certifications and use special pigments and equipment.