Advantages Of A Fine Line Tattoo

Image creation in this style utilises the use of very thin lines. The picture itself is required to be necessarily simple – sometimes you need to make hundreds of strokes to get the desired intricate detailed drawing.

Thousands of stencils available on Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Choose any fine line tattoo designs and come to our studio. The master will inform you whether the selected picture will look perfect on your skin, as sometimes finalisation is needed. Upon layout approval, it’ll be the turn to apply the sketch. Booking the service at Nova You Studio with Jane gets the following benefits:

  • Beautiful result after the first time;
  • Painless procedure;
  • Ability to choose any stencil and size;
  • Long lasting tattoo durability.

The drawing can be either a contour or filled with color. However, a fine line tattoo that’s minimalistic looks more stylish and will suit any person from a student to a boss of a large company.

How A Procedure Of Thin Line Tattoos Is Carried Out

Upon design approval, the master proceeds onto pigment application with a tattoo machine. It is important for the specialist to be experienced and qualified, like our Master Jane Rush, whose work reviews you can find on the Nova You Studio website or on Google.
The fact is that the smaller the need is – the more careful and precise the movements of the master are. In this procedure, there is no room for error as it becomes immediately noticeable and visible. When ordering a black line tattoo at our studio, you can be sure of a quality result after the first time.
A tattoo session lasts anywhere between 20 minutes to several hours, depending on the complexity of the sketch.

What To Expect After Application Of A Tattoo Fine Line

Tattoos heal in three steps. First stage – inflammation lasting about 1-3 days. At this stage, it’s normal for the skin underneath the picture to be red, a little bit swollen, and somewhat sensitive.

The top layer of the epidermis will then flake, taking up to two weeks. The final recovery goes unnoticed. The skin under the tattoo simple lines continues to renew itself during a period of 3-6 months, afterward it is considered completely healed.

The body gradually removes the pigment, over time the picture will start fading. Keeping the color richer as long as possible, avoid sunlight without protection. Ultraviolet is your tattoo’s worst enemy, so always apply sunscreen to it during warmer months.