Why We Don’t Recommend Microblading!


Microblading And Why You Should Avoid It!

  Lately Perth and the world has been going through the boom of Eyebrow Microblading also know as Feather Touch or Feathered Brows. It is constantly advertised as the “most natural, modern and innovative procedure” for a glamorous facial and confidence boost. You will often hear that the procedure is painless, does not cause any trauma, that the pigment fades after 8-12 months… This is all just marketing! The reality and facts are far more shocking:    

1. Is Eyebrow Microblading Really Innovative?

  “New and Modern” technique of microblading is nothing more than an outdated method of Ancient-Chinese eyebrow tattooing. Since ancient times it has been used primarily as a cheap technique of eyebrow tattooing, as the materials used for it could be obtained simply and was carried out mostly in poor Chinese neighbourhoods and regions. It allowed rushed, cheap and easy way to obtain an affordable cosmetic tattoo. That’s the innovative truth behind microblading being nothing more than an outdated ancient method re-branded as something New and Modern (microblading or feather touch)…    

2. What Exactly Is Microblading or Feather Touch?

  Exactly what it means, it is “micro – blading” and this is precisely what occurs during the procedure. A hand held bladed tool is dipped in pigment and afterwards cuts are made into the skin. This exact procedure is presented to you as “painless” and “doesn’t cause trauma” So what happens during microblading? The skin is cut to the dermis level with the blade almost like a scalpel, during the exact moment the pigment is applied. What is a cut? A cut – is the damaging of the top layer of the skin, that’s accompanied by bleeding and scaring.    

3. “It’s Very Natural” – How Natural Is It?

  The results is supposed to be very natural. It is the strongest argument made during the marketing of microblading. “The strokes are applied gently and naturally fit the appearance of your eyebrows perfectly, and you can’t tell them apart from your actual brows”.   Of-course during marketing what is utilised are the freshly just taken photos straight after the procedure. Without a doubt they will look stunning and natural straight after the procedure. It is exactly where they hide the TRICK!   Only after healing (3-4 days after the procedure) can you judge the complete work.   Upon completion of the procedure the skin begins to heal and tighten (as natural reaction to trauma). However, what is not shared are the following facts: The wounds (cuts) begin to heal but during their healing process micro scaring occurs. Applied pigment settles in the dermis located below the epidermis, in turn it causes pigment migration as it settles. The fine strokes start to expand and form as thicker strokes, and begin to partially blur. Additionally due to the bleeding that occurred throughout the procedure, the applied pigment becomes mixed with blood and hemosiderin is formed in the tough connective tissue of the dermis giving you the blue eyebrow effect once healed. Furthermore because the cuts are so deep and reach the dermis they very often causes damage to the hair follicles of your eyebrows, it in turn results in loss of eyebrow hairs.   At Nova You Beauty Studio we are completely AGAINST microblading (feather touch) eyebrow tattooing!   Not to mention it is why we in our good conscience would never recommend it to a client, as it causes too many issues and 3 of most crucial ones are: 1. Scaring – Will be nearly impossible to cover up afterwards! 2. Pigment Migration – That results in unattractive blue, purple or red brows, that you will only be able to get rid of with intensive laser removal sessions – THAT ARE NOT CHEAP AND IS VERY PAINFUL! 3. Microblading laser removal can even in some cases take up to 1 year due to how deeply the pigment has been deposited. 4. Loss Of Hair – Leaving you with patches of bold brow regions, and believe me no one wants to experience or lose so early on in their life!   We take pride in our work and we would never recommend to our client something that is imperfect, outdated or harmful. Not to mention VERY PAINFUL! Instead what we do and recommend is a set of soft, elegant and natural looking Ombre Powder Brows, an eyebrow cosmetic tattoo method that does not cause any of the mentioned issues, thanks to our accredited master’s light touch technique and high standard aneasthetic gel and ointment you will feel so relaxed that you will at times even doze off during the procedure.   The tattooing is done by a truly modern nano – needle machine the best available on the market, and we utilise a large selection pigments that are vegan, certified and won’t cause any side effects. Stop wasting time and risking your brows on an outdated technique, that has been rebranded with a new name. Instead do your research and go for a truly modern procedure done painlessly, a technique providing you results beyond your expectations, creates the ideal shape and perfectly matched shade, doesn’t require laser removal afterwards and is done by a highly skilled professional certified cosmetic tattooist.   You can send us a message to our email if you have any questions or are in need of consultation, or visit our facebook or instagram where you can also see more of Jane’s beautiful cosmetic tattoo work and other procedures too!