Booking Rules

Dear clients all procedure bookings require a deposit!


The method of booking and deposit payment is the same for all clients, it is a $100 deposit per service (depending on service) and is done during the booking process.


After your booking a deposit payment is made using a secure Square payment method, you will receive all the instructions regarding aneasthetic gels (for cosmetic tattooing) etc.


The process of deposit payment is done to ensure that the procedure time and date is reserved for you and to make the whole booking process much easier as well!


Why we ask for you to make a deposit?


During certain cases a client books a specific procedure and does not show, they do not warn us about a cancellation and never answer our calls.


Meanwhile the time of the cosmetic tattooist is already shown as booked for this period and we can not book another client for the same time. Within our experience we even had cases when a competitor specifically called and booked the whole day, which resulted in the beauticians entire day being wasted and obviously no one showed up for the arranged time.


Solving such unpleasant situations had only one solution and we hope that you can approach this with understanding towards it. The reason for the $100 deposit per procedure is to ensure and confirm your serious intent of having your procedure done.


As you know time is a valuable commodity in our day and age, which is why we wouldn’t want to waste your time or the time of our cosmetic tattooist, beautician and all other clients that made a booking!


8 Week Touch Up Policy (For Cosmetic Tattooing Only)

Please note that this touch up policy applies to an 8 week period on the 8th week after the first initial session you are eligible for the Touch Up you purchased. However, if you do not attend the scheduled day/time of the 8 week touch up period or decide to reschedule at the last moment (less than 72 hours from scheduled date/time) then your touch up fee becomes null and void, it means that from that period we will be charging you a full $175 fee to do a colour boost as it is no longer a touch up.


Why do we do this? Because we value the precious time of our other clients who are serious about their bookings and do not wish to waste their time also to minimize the loss of time and income to our cosmetic tattooist/beautician.


Rescheduling and Booking Cancellation


In the case of a cancellation you are required to give us a 72 hours cancellation warning before the date and time of the procedure.

We do permit rescheduling of the date and time (1 time only and only in very specific case exceptions) but a rescheduling notice must be made 72 hours prior to the procedure day. If the client decides to cancel within 72 hours or reschedule again for an already rescheduled procedure then Nova You Beauty Studio has the right to cancel the booking and keep the deposit as it becomes non-refundable. If you do still want to rebook the canceled procedure we will require a $100 down payment deposit to be made again.


If you are running late for your appointment (15 minutes passed the scheduled time) we have the right to cancel your appointment and keep your deposit as a payment compensation. We can not do a late service as then it effects all other clients that scheduled for the day, we appreciate your understanding!


Upon arrival if you do not have your aneasthetic gel and ointment (cosmetic tattoo procedure) for your appointment we can not carry out the booked procedure as the aneasthetics are important part of the tattooing process and are required to make you the client more comfortable and allow us to provide you with a painless safe procedure. It will be counted as a booking cancellation which will make your deposit non-refundable!


During your booking you might want to switch procedures, this is fine as long as the procedure you are changing to can be carried out and is not affected by factors such as pigment issues from previous tattoos, scaring, certain medication or medical conditions. However, if such a factor is noted and you instead will wish to cancel the procedure on the day at the premises, you will not be eligible for a refund as the cancellation happened within less than 72 hours.


Privacy Policy

All information provided by you is kept securely on our files and is encrypted to ensure safe and secure storage. The information provided by our clients is private and is not shared with any 3rd party members. We respect the privacy of our clients, their right to personal security and the privacy laws by which we must abide.

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