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Nova You Is A Leading Fine Line Tattoo Studio in Perth

When it comes to body art there is a large variety of styles available and the more popular choice is the new thin line tattoos style, which is being offered by artists from around the world for its unique, elegant and minimalistic look. Our artist Jane at Nova You has created beautiful designs for countless clients, who are now proud owners of a fine line tattoo.

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Popular Fine Needle Tattoo Designs

Fans of body art book from our master at Nova You Beauty Studio a design focused around:

  • Botany
  • Animal World
  • Astrology

A popular choice is abstract art. Women prefer to go with delicate line tattoos, the usual placement of which goes on the shoulder or forearm, providing a gentle, light and minimalist look. Geometric fine line tattoos are attractive, noticeable and stand out compared to other styles as it’s simple and unique.

Tattooing itself has been around and evolved over time. However, it should not be just a rushed decision, as it is something you’ll have with you for life. You’ll need to consider things like the meaning of the art, what design you’d want done, where on your body do you want it placed and the overall size of it or them if you are planning on getting several at once.

Fine line permanent tattoos have taken Perth by storm, although in a lot of cases some clients might not have a specific design in mind or are drawing a complete blank in regard to an idea for your first body art, please don’t worry in this situation. On our Instagram, you can see a large selection of designs done as a thin needle tattoo by our talented artist, so you can relax and let go of the hassle of coming up with an idea.

Simply pick a design you’d love to see on yourself, whether it’s a fine line floral tattoo or some minimalistic black and grey lines, and make a booking with us at our Perth based studio. Before you make a booking, please send us the idea you might have in mind, and we’ll handle the rest – Getting a tattoo has never been so simple!

Our body art designs range from names of people important to you, specific phrases or wise quotes, nature and animals, meaningful reminding memories you hold dear, floral, geometry, mystical and a variety of other designs we’re happy to fulfill for you.

It is why our fine line colour tattoos are highly recommended by clients and our studio is always mentioned and spoken of as one with a relaxing atmosphere, cleanliness and unmatched in providing an experience unlike any other you see at other fine line tattoo shops or studios around Perth.

A Few Things To Know Before Getting A Fine Line Tattoo

Delicate fine line tattoos are not the same as the ones that you get at a tattoo shop or studio from an artist, this method is carried out by inking a thin line of a chosen design, and thatis why it is categorized as a fine line. An art of this specific method rarely includes colour, so it does not stand out too much and is perfect for the inner minimalist or career professional.

You might be wondering if the process hurts? Thankfully, due to the method applied, many of our clients are always surprised and can not stop commenting or mentioning that this is a first tattoo which was very painless. A thin line tattoo done by our artist is the best decision you can make, as when it comes to our work, we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all designs done by us. Furthermore, a thin needle tattoo does not require the same level of skin penetration for the ink to take, so it is very painless and only resembles a sensation of a tiny scratch and in some cases you’ll only feel a slight vibration of the machine.

Guaranteed Safety of our Thin Line Tattoos

How can we guarantee such results? We are a private beauty studio that is owned and operated by our female artist in Perth, who is certified and has experience to provide you with intricate and delicate tattoos that meet your expectations.

Unlike a shop, all of our tattoos are by appointment only in a One on One setting, so if you are looking for a personal approach then you’ve found your master. There are no distractions and at our studio you are in a relaxing atmosphere, and we are only 100% focused on your needs and your comfort.

Our artist Jane specialises in fine line tattoos specifically and takes her work seriously, so out of respect for her work and for the sake of your safety we advise you to follow our pre-process instructions that we discuss during your booking.

Follow Precautions

One of the most important precautionary measures is to avoid drinking alcohol the night before getting a tattoo, as well as not to consume any medication with a thinning effect the day before or on the day. It can strongly affect the result and make the ink application step a hassle, or cause a situation that can affect your health or safety. s. We also provide other instructions to follow to make the healing process safer and smoother.

That is why our clients speak of us as one of Perth’s best beauty studios, and they know that we consider their health and safety as our top priority before, during and after the tattooing.

To book your fine line tattoo in Perth, simply send us a message or give us a call on 0450482244 to discuss the design of the tattoo or tattoos you might have in mind and arrange the most suitable date and time.

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    Had a lovely experience today getting a fine line tattoo from Jane . She was very welcoming . Her studio creates a warm relaxing environment . She took her time and was very precise with my tattoo . Didn’t hurt one bit. Will definitely be back for another one . Thank you for my tattoo I love it 🙂
    I had the pleasure of using Jane to do my fine line tattoo. Her studio is lovely and spacious and she made sure I was comfortable for the duration of my treatment. I am in love with my tattoo! It is exactly what I wanted and The detail is just amazing, she is really talented at what she does! I will be recommending Jane’s services to all my friends and family and I will definitely be back to try out her other services!
    A huge thank you to Jane for helping create this fine line memorial piece to honour my Mum and Nanna. She offered me multiple options and really put effort in to make sure it was perfect. The salon is so relaxing, and clean and Jane herself is so warm and welcoming. I really loved that she understood my need for 1000000 pounds of numbing cream due to my intense fear of needles....but she also really put my mind at ease anyway. The booking process was simple and I love paying a deposit which means less on the day! I love that I felt so comfy and came away wanting more!!!! I will be a regular tattoo client.
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