Advantages Of Skincare With Skin Needling

Of-course, waking up with a face that radiates a natural glow is very pleasant. You won’t just save time on makeup but additionally protect your confidence in personal attractiveness everyday. Furthermore the main goal of skincare is to even out the tone and heal the skin.

The face obtains evened out wrinkles and colour, lightens freckles, age and sun spots, moisturises and stimulates rejuvenation while shrinking pores. Plus besides all this the following benefits await you as well:

  • If you’re highly sensitive please don’t worry as the procedure is painless;
  • Appearance is improved immediately after the session;
  • Serums stimulate production of collagen and fight age related changes;
  • Acquire a healthy natural inner glow;
  • Scars from acne and pimples are smoothed out and lightly reduced;
  • Restoring the structure of skin.

Since the skincare via Needling method is just gaining popularity it can be difficult to find a certified studio offering the service. Please do not worry – at Nova You Studio the Skin Needling procedure is done by one of the best semipermanent makeup Master Jane Rush, who has all necessary qualifications and certifications. Reviews of her work from thankful clients you can see on Google or our website.

How The Procedure Of Skin Needling For Care Of Skin Is Carried Out

Upon thorough cleaning of the face the  master uses a specialised micro needle machine for application to the skin surface of the beneficial serum. The method is very gentle and when the session is finalised the microscopic punctures heal quickly. Felt sensations resemble a vibrational massage with no pain. Only few contraindications exist preventing the procedure: presence of skin disease or very rare allergies. Based on the fact that the substance does not enter the bloodstream, even pregnant and lactating mothers are allowed to undergo these beauty care skin sessions.

What Awaits After Skin Care Done By The Skin Needling Method

The entire process takes only one and a half hours, when finished there is small redness of the face that settles very quickly or doesn’t occur at all. It is recommended for best possible results to do more than one round to reach a wow effect. To prevent your worry of the extra expenses and allowing you to spoil yourself with the latest skincare technology, our studio is offering a special deal. Be quick while booking slots are still available.