Jane is a professional who specialises in providing ladies of Perth with beauty procedures and a popular one is semi-permanent lip tattoo. We use only the best pigments available, to ensure a natural colour of the shade, so it complements the tone of your skin perfectly.

That is why an investment into a cosmetic lip tattooing is worth the minimum 2 to 3 hours it takes, as it brings a number of worthwhile benefits. Two most important ones are – no longer needing lip cosmetics of any kind and having beautiful rich in colour lip-makeup throughout the day or when you’re out and about.

Start each morning with ready lip tattoo lipstick and have more time for the things you love!

Lip Tattooing Advantages

A lip pigmentation tattoo has a beneficial appeal and maintains a rich colour around the clock, so you can relax and have stunning lip makeup. Its defining features:

  • makeup and stress-free life;
  • visual fullness;
  • natural semi-permanent lip colour preserved for up to three-four years;
  • ideal contour and ability to visually underline the form;
  • individual shade choice

A lip contouring tattoo gives you confidence in being irresistible in any situation. Don’t put off having your tattoo for lips! Instead, focus on obtaining a quality lipstick makeup tattoo, that establishes a lasting impression and an ideal result.

Pre Procedure Advice And Preparation

The lip tattoo permanent makeup is a delicate procedure and proper preparation makes the process not only go smoothly but also ensures a more natural and better outcome. So it is crucial to ensure that certain care is carried out following our pre procedure advice.

Several days before the scheduled procedure begin to moisturise the lip skin, you can also do a gentle scrub, be sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

However, before the procedure, there are also a number of things you should also follow:

  • do not take any blood thinning medication;
  • stay away from alcohol, especially 24 – 48 hours prior to the procedure;
  • do not drink any caffeinated drinks before the procedure, may it be coffee or energy drinks;
  • do not ingest any painkillers;

If you have a specific medical condition or a contraindication, please let us know.

We take client safety and health as a number one priority, so before any cosmetic lip tattoo booking in Perth, we ensure that nothing can affect you during or after the procedure.

These simple actions help our master Jane to provide you with a fantastic semi-permanent makeup for your lips and a relaxing experience during the procedure!

Is A Procedure Painful?

Many of our clients that come to us for a lip semi-permanent tint tend to be always concerned with the same question or worry. It’s usually about having a painful experience again if they’ve had lip tattooing done before.

The procedure itself can induce a significant amount of discomfort if not properly executed. However, when entrusted to a skilled professional, the intensity of any unpleasant sensations can be effectively reduced, making the experience more comfortable and relaxing. Our master’s expertise and precision ensure that the procedure is as painless as possible.

Our Approach and Guarantees

Thanks to the light touch technique and a specific gentle approach to the process, we assure you with a painless, relaxing and professional experience. We constantly hear that when a client searches for lip tattooing in Perth, they are surprised by the feedback of our clients. However, after dealing with our beauty studio, the disbelief vanishes and due to the pleasant encounter they become our clients for life.

If you are looking for a pain free beauty procedure done by a professional master, then send us a message to make a booking or give us a call on 0450482244.

Proper Aftercare And Healing

The procedure will take about two to three hours to do. After it, do not expose your lips to moisture for a day. Do not itch the irritated areas or pick off the resulting flaking crust, as this can adversely affect the final healed lip tattoo.

Upon completion of the tattoo, your lips might be a little swollen due to the increased circulation and the colour is darker than you expected. Therefore, avoid kissing, touching or causing any contact of the lips after the procedure. Once the 7-10 day healing is complete and the colour of your lip tattoo will be exactly the way you wanted.

Since a part of the pigment might not fully take as well as others, we advise clients to visit us for a touch up, usually done 6-8 weeks after the initial procedure.