A Snow White Smile In Just 1 Session – Get Your Chance At An Attractive Pearly White Smile!

An impeccable aesthetic of a smile is hard to achieve without a perfect white tooth enamel, it’s impossible to achieve an excellent result with just home remedies, pastes or diy kits! The one way to get an exceptional and a professionally performed teeth whitening procedure is at the hands of an experienced specialist at Nova You Beauty Studio that will provide you with a guaranteed excellent result of a snow white smile that is attractive and instantly visible to others.

Main Pre-Procedure Steps For An Ideal Teeth Whitening Result?

Before the procedure it is recommended by your beauty studio professional that you brush your teeth with a tooth paste for sensitive teeth. One hour prior to the procedure please do not eat anything or drink any drinks that have a staining affect. You can however drink water to stay hydrated, so that is perfectly fine.

How does the teeth whitening procedure work?

  • Upon arrival we will fill out a preprocedure form and our beautician will go through the entire process of the teeth whitening procedure with you putting your mind at ease.
  • You will be sat in a comfortable position and be given a cheek and gum silicone mouth opener which is gentle on your cheeks and gums.
  • During the procedure the cheeks and lips are isolated with special film and napkin, making the process clean and hygienic. You’re also provided a bib to cover your clothes as well.
  • The last step is the bleaching process, the silicone opener is used to enable for better access of the beautician to apply the hydro peroxide gel to each individual tooth covering the full area that requires whitening. Once the enamel is dried and the gel is applied (as evenly as possible) the LED light is then utilised which activates the gel’s whitening properties.
  • The entire process takes 3 applications of the gel and a full successful teeth whitening session takes 60-90 minute, the beautician ensures you feel comfortable through the entire process.
  • With each step the results are noted and by the end of the final stage you will see a very visible change of a smile that is 5-14 shades whiter than before.
Results last for up to 12 months with proper care! However some clients that do enjoy certain beverages and foods can result in staining to re-occur and it is perfectly fine for them to get whitening boost in 6-12 months time. Teeth Whitening Advantages At A Council Licensed Beauty Studio:
  • The used equipment and products meet all health standards, hygienic regulations and certifications.
  • The procedure is not rushed and the steady thorough pace of the procedure guarantees the best possible results.
  • Our master is fully accredited and certified so the entire process is painless, there is no discomfort during the procedure and the technique utilised is completely safe for dental health.
Jane who owns Nova You Beauty Studio is a professional at what she does, and is regularly referred by clients as a specialist with a “Magic Touch”. She provides all services at an exceptionally high standard, with her friendly charm towards her work and attractive positive attitude to each client it is instantly noticeable. Therefore clients can not help but fall in love with her professionalism, the love she shows for her work and they keep coming back for more services again and again!