Eyebrow & Eyeliner Tattoo Complex

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Eyebrows + Eyes

A Beautiful procedure that remains in an ideal condition around the clock – isn't this a dream come true for many women? Our studio assists in realisation of another fantasy at the drastically reduced price, booking Eyebrows + Eyes semipermanent makeup.

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Benefits Of Eyeliner and Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo

Doing both each morning requires lots of free time, as does the form correction and shaping. How annoying when the left side doesn’t want to be identical to the right! As soon as you wake up on the wrong foot or in a hurry, everyday makeup becomes a test of endurance.

Alongside an eyebrow and eyeliner tattoo you’re able to sleep in, wash your face, put on lipstick and go straight to work in a good mood knowing that you’re perfect. Simultaneously done, the complex has the following advantages:

  • Cost of both procedures at our studio is $1100;
  • Instantly visible finished image;
  • Visual correction of asymmetry;
  • Confidence of no smudging or smearing;
  • Freedom of large amount of time and nerves no longer wasted;
  • Masking of imperfections;
  • Significant savings of time and money;
  • The result lasts a couple years.

Furthermore, by getting a tattoo alongside a skincare treatment, assists you in forgetting about use of cosmetics for a while. Isn’t it a wonderful prospect to have?

How Semipermanent Makeup Is Done

Arriving at the session, you will inform us what effect you wish to achieve. An aesthetic look, slightly emphasising your natural beauty? Daring long streaks? Evening out variant?

Once all details are specified, the master will draw on with a pencil exactly what you described. If you immediately love the result, then we can start doing the eye and eyebrow makeup. Otherwise, the mapped stencil will be corrected until you’re 100% satisfied with what you see.

Pigment application is done with a special tattoo machine, which pierces the skin with microscopic nano needles. Thanks to the professionalism of our master Jane, you don’t feel pain – maximum is an unusual sensation.

Upon the ending of the procedure, your brows will acquire an ombre effect, becoming more expressive, but still just as natural in appearance. The eyes will be accompanied by a tattooed eyeliner, making your look more defined, and the colour of the irises more – rich. The whole procedure for applying semipermanent makeup on the eye with eyebrow will take over 4 hours.

Proper Eyebrow and Eyeliner Tattoo Aftercare

Important to note that the result can look brighter or darker than you thought. Don’t worry, this is normal and dissipates as you heal. After a maximum period of 7 days, the colour of the eyebrow and eye makeup will be the one you agreed on.

A general recommendation is to keep water off the treated regions for a few days, if possible also avoid long walks in the sun.

During the restoration of the skin, some parts of pigment occasionally doesn’t take well, the reason we recommend the colour correction of the eyebrow and eyeliner enhancement tattoo in 6-8 weeks after the initial procedure.

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    Had my eyebrows and eyeliners tattooed. Jane is such a professional. She was very assuring, detailed and at the same time, so gentle that I slept through my eyeliner tattoo procedure. 🤭 I'm really happy with her work and the fact that she takes the time and effort to ensure her work has perfect outcomes. Thank you Jane. I look forward to seeing you soon.
    Jane is amazing, very skilled and professional master. I’m very pleased with my experience today! I’ve had my eyebrows done this time but Im definitely considering to come back again and to do my eyeliner and lips next time. She provides great service for her customers, listens very carefully and gives the best result you could get. She is a real experienced professional you can rely on if you decided to do powdered eyebrows. Also would like to add that she works with the best materials and does the procedure absolutely painless in her cozy beauty studio. Highly recommend Nova You and Jane for a visit!
    All I can say is wow ! Jane is amazing with her work. She clearly loves what she does. I also had my eyebrows done elsewhere but they were done unprofessionally and were not symmetrical at all and the shape did not match my face. There is no comparison and I’m am so glad I came to Jane's studio as she fixed my brows and did a truly magical job. I could not be more happier and over the moon from the results that Jane done with my brows, look forward to doing my eyeliner too!
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