Kissable Lips Tattoo

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Kissable Lips

Any woman knows that the right lipstick makes her several times more attractive. Plump beautiful lips with a mere glance makes you desire to kiss them — while applying it on this is the result a young mesmerizing and elegant lady wishes to achieve. With a Kissable Lips tattoo have a constant bewitching appeal, while maintaining a rich color around the clock.

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Advantages of a Kissable Lips Tattoo

Not everyone is lucky from birth to have a perfect mouth shape, it’s not a reason however for plastic surgery. With semi permanent makeup your lips look exactly the way you desire! Permanent tattoo gives you confidence in being irresistible in any situation. The main advantages of Kissable Lips tattoos are as followed:

  • Visual fullness.
  • Individual shade choice.
  • Natural appearance.
  • Preserved color for up to three years.
  • Ability to visually underline the form.

If desired you can use additional lipstick or gloss on top of your permanent makeup to diversify the look.

How a Kissable Lips Tattoo Is Done

We recommend clients to come to the session with their favorite lipstick. So the master will understand what colour you feel good in and fits you perfectly, and will help choose the shade that’s ideal!

Afterwards the lip specialist will draw on the lip shape and contour. Having approved the project the next step is application pigment with the special tattoo machine. The pigment is applied to the skin through microscopic nano needle punctures, a sensation similar to that of a vibrating toothbrush. Thanks to the light touch technique of our master you’ll feel no pain or any unusual discomfort.

Proper Kissable Lips Tattoo Procedure Aftercare

The procedure will take about 3 hours to do. After it, do not expose your lips to moisture for a day. Do not itch the irritated areas or pick off the resulting crust, as this can adversely affect the final result.

The lips might be a little swollen due to the increased circulation and the colour is darker than you expected. Therefore avoid kissing, touching or causing any contact of the lips after the procedure. After 7–10 days the healing is complete and the color of your lip will be exactly the way you wanted.

Since a part of the pigment might not fully take as well as others, we advise clients to visit us for a touch up, usually done 6–8 weeks after the initial tattoo.

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    Is a Kissable Lips Tattoo Painful?
    Our Master Jane has achieved a Light Touch technique that does not cause immense trauma to your skin making the process painless. Additionally we use a modern high standard anesthetic that you get via a special form, which makes the already painless procedure completely painless. It is so painless that some of our clients even fall asleep from feeling so relaxed during the procedure. Just read our Google Reviews!
    How Long Does the Procedure Take?
    Approximately 2 hours, however in some cases it may take a maximum of 3 hours as all lips are different. As a professional cosmetic tattooist Jane does not rush her work to guarantee the best possible result!
    How Long Does a Kissable Lips Tattoo Last?
    Each cosmetic tattoo lasts a different amount of time! A Kissable Lips tattoo lasts from 3 to 5 years, eyebrows from 2 to 3 years, while eyeliner can last from 3 to 5+ years depending on several factors such as your age, lifestyle, immune system, overall organism, and etc.


    Jane was very Professional she took time to listen and assisted in choosing the right colour shade for my lip tattoo. She was immaculate in the time she spent making it look perfect. She is a fabulous tattooist and would recommend anyone thinking of getting any face tattoo done either Lips 💋 Eyebrows or Eyeliner. Jane is the Woman to see. You won't be Disappointed. 🙏
    Jane has a very gentle touch when it comes to her cosmetic tattooing, I was treated very nicely by a friendly beautician. Her studio has a very comforting atmosphere and is a very nice, clean and welcoming. She answered on all my questions and made me feel very relaxed and filled with confidence that she knows her stuff! I look forward to visiting her again and doing other procedures too, so if you are looking for a professional beauty studio and customer oriented cosmetic tattooist give Jane a call!! I will always recommending her and the amazing experience that I have had is just above and beyond!
    My experience here was outstanding! I decided to use Nova You to get a lip tattoo to correct the two-tone shading of my lips. I am really very happy with the results. My lips are now much more uniform in color and with a natural, healthy appearance. Jane very professional and the studio environment is pleasant. All of the work that I have seen that she is putting out is amazing (check the Instagram!). This is the place to go if you need any kind of permanent makeup in Perth😊 I will always recommending her and the amazing experience that I have had is just above and beyond!
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