Ombre Eyebrow Tattoo

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Ombre Powder Brows Perth

Perfection of eyebrow form and colour takes a bit of time, as they've become an integral part of the female image. With ombre brow tattoo, you no longer have to wake up early each morning to get them in order.

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Benefits of Ombre Eyebrow Tattooing

Semi permanent makeup done at our studio looks aesthetically pleasing, no one will realize that you’ve had this beauty enhancing procedure done. We utilize one of the most modern methods — powder brow tattoo technique. Compared to other analogues, the ombre brow tattoo technique has following advantages:

  • It’s completely painless.
  • Skin heals quickly.
  • Results look natural.
  • Effects last up to three years.
  • Masks any aesthetic flaws.
  • Unlike microblading, it doesn’t leave scars or cause pigment migration.
  • Looks perfect on fair or thick eyebrows.

Permanent ombre brow is suitable for women wanting to underline their natural beauty, and not drastic changes in their image. As semi permanent makeup does not wash off or smudge, it’s ideal for those living an active lifestyle. By doing eyebrows and eyeliners at our studio as a combination, you’ll save time on daily make up and even money.

How Powder Eyebrow Tattoo Are Done

Everything starts off with a consultation through which you’ll discuss with our master Jane the wanted result. Afterwards the eyebrow expert draws and maps to visually present the future shape and colour. If necessary an adjustment is made until the makeup of the eyebrows completely satisfies you!

Once design confirmation is given, the master begins carrying out the procedure with a specialized tattoo machine. It produces a shading effect, of a lighter shade in the front and darker shades on the tails. Pigment application is gently done onto the skin with nano needles making the process painless and without discomfort. The sensation you’d most likely feel is that of an electric toothbrush being placed on your forehead — while only feeling vibrations.

Ombre eyebrow tattoo is carried out over 2 hours depending on individual case and situation. Important to note, after the procedure brows may seem darker than discussed with the master at the start. Please do not panic — it’s normal and the colour will become as you agreed and expected upon once healed.

Proper Powder Brow Tattoo Aftercare

Throughout the first week avoid wetting your brows and avoid contact with cleaning gels or facial products during face washing. To stimulate quicker skin rejuvenation apply the aftercare cream that was provided to you. The master will give detailed instructions for caring after your ombre eyebrow tattoo so the result will last you for a couple years.

Upon 8 weeks since initial procedure it’s advised to do an additional visit to the studio for a touch up. The healing process some regions may retain the pigment less than others, creating small patchy regions. To resolve this a singular correction of brow colour is required!

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    How Much Does Powder Brows Cost?
    At beauty studio Nova You we take pride in delivering outstanding services at unbeatable prices. Begin your journey with our powder ombre brows that cost from only $500.


    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Omg I cannot believe I had a nap while getting my eyebrows tattooed! I have tried microblading and OUCH never again, after that I was super nervous to try the tattooing but JANE you are amazing!! No pain AT ALL, I felt completely comfortable throughout, I even caught up on some sleep 😂 thanks so much Jane! I appreciate the time you spent being so professional and caring at the same time! I’ll see you in a few weeks for my follow up appointment 😴
    I thought about doing semi permanent eyeliner and eyebrows for quite some time. It was probably 2-3 months of watching Jane's Instagram accounts and reading all about it. However Jane's portfolio impressed me and I decided to book 😊 On the day, I felt really comfortable from the start until the end of the procedure. I spent 6 hours with Jane. I fell asleep during the eyebrow tattoo process 😳🤭 I am thankful that I found Jane through the power of social media. I am looking forward to my touch up 😊
    If your looking for some one to give you beautiful natural looking brows your search is finally over. Jane at Nova You is the woman you need to see . I was very nervous about getting my brows done though I am very thankful that I had a very kind , gentle and understanding Jane that listened to my concerns and fears. All my fears where forgotten when I saw my brows for first time I loved them and love them more after the second visit back and fully healed . My brows look natural and frame my face and enchances my natural features . Thank you Jane 🙏❤️
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