Lip Blush Tattoo

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Lip blush tattooing

Many of us ladies constantly face the hassle of smudged lipstick, fading colour, thinning or other lip related situations. Always left wishing there was a solution to such age-old dilemmas. A modern day fix to this is a process called lip blush tattooing, it's a procedure that takes care of many problems that women face today.

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As a Cosmetic Procedure, the Lip Blushing Tattoo Offers:

  • A beautiful lasting colour.
  • Underlining their natural form.
  • Saving you time on constant makeup reapplication.
  • A visual lip fullness effect.
  • Correcting slight asymmetry.

All these benefits are just the beginning as to what makes it the permanent makeup of choice among Perth ladies that desire to make their lips seem fuller without medical involvement, providing the lips a shape that has more definition, making sure the pigment enhances the lip colour in such a way that no one realizes you’ve had tattooing done!

Don’t waste your time searching for lip blush tattoo all over Perth or spending the day going through the list of all the offers.

Simply visit Nova You and our permanent makeup specialist Jane can assist you with real solutions to any situation you might be facing in regard to your lips. We can advise you if you should get lip blush done as each case is specific, the healing process involved or how it can be affected, asymmetry correction as all lips are unique, selecting a colour that matches your skin and all other intricate details.

Additionally, we’ll discuss all the specifics including your previous history with permanent makeup, if you’ve had cosmetic lip blushing tattoo done, and all medical intricate details that ensure you have a safe procedure and get the professional result desired.

Jane guarantees a result you expect from a certified master that doesn’t rush the process, and takes great value in client satisfaction. Through the reviews left by our satisfied clients, you can be assured that semi permanent lip blush tattoo will leave feeling over the moon and become the envy of all those around you.

Does a Lip Blush Tattoo Hurt?

A very common and frequent question asked about it. The process involved is the application of a personal and thoroughly selected pigment colour onto the surface of each lip with a nano needle machine. Throughout the years Jane developed a light touch tattooing technique that makes the procedure painless. In fact many of our clients who get their lips done at times catch up on needed sleep, due to the gentle approach and method they feel so relaxed that they snooze. However, all lips are not made the same and at times pain sensitivity can be a factor, in such cases we’ll apply a high grade anesthetic that you get via our form at a selected pharmacy.

How Long Does a Lip Blush Tattooing Result Last?

The general expected life is 48 months and at times even up to 96 months, although the period varies mainly based on your organism, hormones, lifestyle and other factors that affect how long your lip blush colour holds.

Primarily the benefits of lip blush tattooing during the months you’ll see is the noticeable returned colour to your lips no longer having them look faded , the shape of each lip is defined resulting in a visible form, the slight asymmetry is corrected, and most of all you no longer need to put on lipstick onto your brand-new set of lips or worry about it smudge.

What Should You Expect From Your Full Lip Blush Tattoo?

Upon completion an uncommon experience is of lips getting some minimal swelling, please don’t worry the tattooing involves pigment to be applied onto the skin with nano needle penetration so it’s natural to cause puffiness and the swelling will end within a few hours. Some clients after having lip blush permanent makeup done don’t experience any swelling of their lip region at all!

Throughout the initial period there’ll be minimal to mild flaking and as healing progresses scabbing can occur on the surface of the lips. DO NOT pick or itch the affected area and avoid touching the region of the tattooing to not bring any foreign bacteria resulting in an infection!

Further instructions of proper care is going to be provided to you in the aftercare pack, that you’ll take home after having your procedure.

Although the colour might come off darker, brighter and richer looking, during healing the pigment shade lightens up by up to 60% when fully healed revealing a beautiful natural skin lip tone. The process of healing takes time and do not panic, the final shade will meet the natural lip blush tattoo expectations of the personal shade you’ve chosen.

No down time to take into account at all and you can go to work the very same or next day! Once the healing cycle finishes you’ll have a beautiful set of lips, a smile worthy of attention and compliments, and a lip blush that doesn’t smudge and you’ll feel so confident you’ll consider lipstick as an option and not a go to.

Any further questions about the procedure, lip blushing cost or if you’re interested in yourself getting. Please do not hesitate to give us a call on 045048226.

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    What's the Average Life of a Lip Blush Tattoo?
    Each individual is different, just how their lips are unique and their organism functions differently. Result on average lasts 48 to 72 months, depending on your body and lifestyle. However, in some cases it can even last up to 96 months, to keep a longer result beyond the average time we advise an annual or every 24 months colour boost of your lip blush.
    How Long Will Lip Blush Tattooing Take?
    To ensure a maximum result it is best to choose a day when you are not in a rush, have no plans after the procedure and can allow Jane who is our master to do her work! On average a cosmetic tattoo of the lips may take 2 hours and at times a maximum of 3, so please be sure to have at least 3 hours to spare for the procedure.
    Should I Inform You of a Condition or Medication I Take?
    Yes, before you make a booking please read the pre-procedure information, the result of the lip blush tattoo can at times be affected by a certain condition or medication taken. Furthermore, it allows Jane to keep an eye on you during the procedure to ensure your safety, as we take the health and safety of our clients as our top priority. If you have a condition that is a contraindication we will advise you to speak to your doctor and have a written letter clearing you, plus approving you to have the procedure done.
    What about Lip Blush Tattoo Price?
    In our beauty studio Nova You we pride ourselves on offering exceptional services at incredibly affordable prices. Lip blush tattoos cost starting at just $500.


    My experience here was outstanding! I decided to use Nova You to get a lip tattoo to correct the two-tone shading of my lips. I am really very happy with the results. My lips are now much more uniform in color and with a natural, healthy appearance. Jane very professional and the studio environment is pleasant. All of the work that I have seen that she is putting out is amazing (check the Instagram!). This is the place to go if you need any kind of permanent makeup in Perth😊 I will always recommending her and the amazing experience that I have had is just above and beyond!
    Jane was very Professional she took time to listen and assisted in choosing the right colour shade for my lip tattoo. She was immaculate in the time she spent making it look perfect. She is a fabulous tattooist and would recommend anyone thinking of getting any face tattoo done either Lips 💋 Eyebrows or Eyeliner. Jane is the Woman to see. You won't be Disappointed. 🙏
    Jane has a very gentle touch when it comes to her cosmetic tattooing, I was treated very nicely by a friendly beautician. Her studio has a very comforting atmosphere and is a very nice, clean and welcoming. She answered on all my questions and made me feel very relaxed and filled with confidence that she knows her stuff! I look forward to visiting her again and doing other procedures too, so if you are looking for a professional beauty studio and customer oriented cosmetic tattooist give Jane a call!! I will always recommending her and the amazing experience that I have had is just above and beyond!
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