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Ever imagined waking up with clear, flawless skin that requires no foundation? Thankfully, the latest Korean technology makes this possible! BB Glow treatment is actively spreading all over the world like a wildfire, changing the makeup industry drastically.


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Benefits Of Semipermanent Skincare Makeup

If you’re tired of daily application of tonal creams and searching for a safer, effective and longer lasting solution, this procedure is – for you! At our studio, only authentic Korean serums are utilised, in addition to improvements it stimulates collagen production helping resolve age-related changes. Here are some more benefits of BB Glow application:


– Quickly improves overall condition;

– Evens out the tone;

– Lightens sun spots and masks discoloration;

– Providing a natural glow;

– Smoothing of small wrinkles

– Minimises acne scars

– Youthful look.


Semipermanent skincare is ideal for women dealing with skin imperfections. The procedure moisturises and restores its structure and function, giving a healthy radiant look. Most importantly it will boost your confidence and overall round the clock attractiveness.


How A Single BB Glow Session Is Carried Out

The procedure is similar to skin needling, however the best Korean serum is used. Serum nutrients are applied into the skin with thin micro needles. Do Not Worry – in the professional hands of our master you will not feel pain! It’s done so gently that semipermanent tonal makeup is applied without an aneasthetic cream.


One of the main benefits of face glow treatment is the stimulation of collagen production and cell rejuvenation. These properties will show up in the coming weeks as your skin begins its renewal after microneedling manipulation.


Correct Care After Application of Semipermanent Facial Skincare

Unlike other types of semipermanent makeups, after BB Glow the skin restores itself very quickly. Small redness disappears in a day or less. During this time avoid using make up, facial care products and don’t wash your face at all.


Avoid doing physical activities to avoid sweating, no saunas, to rubbing or touching your face. While outside avoid direct sun exposure for prolonged periods.

For the best effects of semipermanent makeup, we recommend at least 3 sessions and in order for you to use the best treatment at our studio we are offering 3 Sessions for only $500  instead of $600.

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    Jane is amazing! She’s very attentive and professional and explains everything thoroughly and takes the time to ensure you’re happy with the result! Jane made me feel so comfortable, I can’t recommend her more, you won’t be disappointed! I’ve been back multiple times and every time the results are amazing! 💗
    Jane is an absolute perfectionist in every procedure she does. Amazing value and excellent results.
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